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The Marriage Of Art And Science In Humanities

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This photo of quite the interesting eye level billboard is © Quinn Dombrowski.  It looks like a fun project but I don’t want to be the guy pinning all those buttons down!

I know there have been many books written on the subject of the humanities, enough to fill several libraries even, but I’ll at least offer a little glimpse into my own experience and hopefully you might glean a little wisdom of your own from them.  You’re likely aware of academia (particularly in colleges and universities around the world) and how diverse the degrees are in this field; which include but certainly are not limited to: matters of anthropological studies of cultures, philosophy, theology, history, performing arts (such as dance, music, theater and acting) language, and my personal favorite: literature.  I’ve often found a lot of intersecting schools of thought through these various fields of study, particularly in theology and philosophy, which humorously enough, can often almost be synonymous with one another depending on who you’re speaking with.


Credit of M C Morgan we have this very well designed image of some literature pertaining to some more contemporary examples of the humanities.

It’s undeniably a positive thing in my opinion that the humanities have evolved along with our cultures, politics and academic advancements.  I suppose it’s only logical really, as these omnipresent forces in our lives would be drastically (and in a symbiotic way) affected by the education that we have available.  I’ve always been interested in the sort of scientifically methodical ways that the heavily educated are able to study and appraise cultural aspects of different nations and trace them back to different common roots.  But while all of that science is absolutely a grand human achievement and instills a sense of communal pride in us as a species, I can’t help but feel if it takes itself too seriously, it loses some romantic human aspects.  I suppose one of the greatest philosophers to ever live would be able to offer us a little pearl of wisdom after reaching that junction in the train of thought.


I think that there’s no better way to close up this article than to insert this quote from Plato.  © Repair Labs.

Doesn’t this quote just feel truer in these times, now more than ever?  I know there were a lot of people in the world and many cultures even in Plato’s time, but with the world as over populated as it is and with more awareness of all the cultures and subcultures that exist now, I think we could all use a heavy dose of more compassion and open mindedness in these times where ignorance and violence seem to be the common rule of behavior.  I don’t know if we should depend too heavily on the words of great minds from such long times ago, even if they are true, but maybe we should listen to our own hearts and minds and see what peaceful paths they can lead us to.